Cibigi is the easiest and fastest way to get your business online or start an online business sell online in St Lucia.

Have you ever thought about taking your business online or starting an online business in St Lucia? Have you consulted someone and gotten an eye-opening estimate of what it would cost for you to actually do so? And, have you just decided to put this off for later?

Maybe this isn’t you. Maybe you actually have a website already. But, is it working for you? Is it helping to generate sales or visits to your business? Most likely not.

If you can relate to any of the questions of scenarios above, then you need to learn about Cibigi and how you can take your business online in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Due to the pandemic, everyone, especially retailers or business owners, particularly those with product businesses are realizing just how important it is to have a solid online presence. Imagine all the sales you’ve lost over the past month and a half.

Taking it a little further, consider all the sales and visibility you’ve been missing out on even before the pandemic. Amazon has now become one of the go-to shopping methods for St Lucians and most citizens in almost all the other islands in the Caribbean. It goes without saying that this has taken a massive toll on many, if not all businesses in St Lucia and resulted in the closing of some businesses or a huge loss in sales.

Cibigi has seen this trend from the beginning.

From 2016, We realize that international retailers have infrastructures and technologies that give them more access to Saint Lucian consumers who use the internet, than the local businesses.

After years of extensive research and development, we are very proud to introduce Cibigi® revolutionary Selling and Showcasing Technologies™ for businesses.

This is aimed at helping your business establish a strong presence online and make more sales.

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Cibigi makes it very easy to take your business online or start a new business online in St Lucia. Click here – Start taking orders on your Cibigi Store.


Why Cibigi?

At Cibigi we believe in creating technologies that improve cultures and enrich lives, by improving people’s opportunities and abilities for a more sustainable future.


What is Cibigi?

Cibigi is an E-commerce, Internet Retail Infrastructure, Technology Company. Cibigi specializes in internet retail technology development, which includes services and product development in software and hardware.


What does Cibigi do?

Cibigi makes the items, products, foods, and or services your business offers more accessible and attractive to people using the internet every day.

The goal is to make shopping Easy, Convenient & Rewarding for people, by re-engineering the retail infrastructure in St Lucia and the Caribbean with revolutionary Selling and Showcasing Technologies™


How does Cibigi work?

  • Reach more buying audiences and sell more of your items, products, foods, and or services.
  • Once your products are sold, we deliver to customers for you or they come to your store to pick up.
  • You get paid fast after your orders are picked up or delivered.


Why do you need Cibigi for your business?

Over 79% of St Lucians use the internet every day to shop online, browse, connect with friends, and conduct business.

This is an amazing opportunity for your business to get seen in

The online space to help generate more awareness of your business and more sales.

In addition to helping generate more awareness and facilitating easy online sales, Cibigi offers many more powerful technologies to grow your business using the internet.

Plus, Cibigi offers some amazing services that make it very easy and convenient for you to actually get your items, products, foods, and or services online with Cibigi and get customers.

Cibigi ®️ Selling and Showcasing Technologies™️ makes the items, products, foods, and or services your business offers more accessible and attractive to people using the internet every day.


Cibigi® Customer Support

Our support team will always be there to assist you or your business with everything and communicate with your business in whatever way works for you or your team.

Cibigi makes it very easy to take your business online or start a new business online in St Lucia. Start taking orders on your very own Cibigi Store.


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