Cibigi Membership License

Terms and Conditions

( Last updated February 22, 2020 )

Please read these (“Terms”, “Terms of Service”) carefully, These Terms are a legally enforceable contract between you who is also refer to “Member” “vendor” and “Us” Cibigi® who is also refer to as “we”, “us”, “our”,) on this Membership License Terms and Conditions which governs your Cibigi Store membership License with “Us” Cibigi® “we”, “us”, “our”. For use of our services and software’s.
1. The Cibigi™ services and software’s are available as Subscription License services on a Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Renewal Subscription License and is valid until the renewal date of the Subscription License.

2. Billing Process: You will be billed on 28th day of every month Upfront for this Cibigi Membership Plans, + a selling fee for each item sold online on Cibigi Marketplace. You can unsubscribe any time from your Cibigi® Membership Subscription Plan.

3. There is a onetime setup fee for Cibigi retail and retail plus selling Plans.

4. All software, services and updates released under the Cibigi™ subscription license, during this subscription is available to vendor for free.

5. Cibigi | Ads – A Paid (Add-on Service) will empower your retail business to advertise the products on your Cibigi | Showcase to potential customers. While potential customers are using the internet on computers, tablets and mobile phones in websites and apps for shopping, learning, working, entertainment and more.

6. Cibigi | Showcase will empower your business to showcase online an also drive traffic from online to their retail store locations.

7. Any Software that we provide to vendor are licensed, not sold to vendor.

8. Payment & Delivery Standards Time: For items purchased by customers in Saint Lucia, vendor may get paid between 3 (three) to 7 (seven) business days. For items purchased by customers in Caribbean countries, vendor may get paid between 7 (seven) to 15(fifteen) working days. For items purchased by customers in International countries, vendor may get paid between 15 (fifteen) to 21 (twenty-one) working days.

9. Payment to
Payments made by check: Should be made to Cibigi services.
Payments made by cash: Should be given to vendor’s assigned vendor assistant.
Payments made by debit and credit card: Vendor will receive an invoice by email from vendor’s assigned vendor assistant to the email address vendor provided, where vendor can simply click the link in the email and Pay.
Example email: [email protected]

10. Modification:
We may modify, update, or discontinue the Services, Software (including any of their portions or features) at any time without liability to vendor or anyone else. However, we will make reasonable effort to notify you before we make the change. If we discontinue a Service in its entirety, then we will provide you with a prorated refund for any unused fees for that Service that you may have prepaid.

11. There is a fee for photography product that starts at EC $3.50 per product Photo. This entails taking 3 to 5 photos of a product.

12. Please keep a copy of all emails, receipts, contracts, agreements, given to you by Cibigi services, to better assist you in the event of any misunderstanding.

13. We may make changes to these terms at any time by notifying them by email and posting them to our Website and any changes will take effect at the time and date posted on our website and in the email notification.

City: Castries
Country: Saint Lucia
Mobile: 1 758 518-8065
Email: [email protected]

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