Cibigi - Membership Subscription Service Agreement.


Last Updated: 20/9/2022

This Agreement is made this (“AGREEMENT Date”)

BETWEEN: Cibigi services

(hereinafter severally referred to as “Cibigi” “We”“Our”)

AND: You

(hereinafter severally referred to as “Company” “Business” “Member” “Vendor” “Client” or “You”) on this agreement.


The terms and conditions set out herein are legally binding and governs the use of Cibigi Membership Subscription Services. Please read to ensure that you fully understand how the membership subscription services operate before signing.


1. Subscription License services

The Cibigi™ services and software’s that are available as Subscription License services on a 30-day, or 365-day Renewal Subscription License are valid until the renewal date of the Subscription License.


2. Billing Process:

You will be billed 30-day or 365-day Upfront for this Cibigi Membership Subscription Plans. There's a selling fee for each item sold online on Cibigi Marketplace. You can unsubscribe at any time from your Cibigi® Membership Subscription Plan.

There is 0 (Zero) No Transaction Fees for sales on Cibigi Showcase or Cibigi for Retail Services.


3. Software, and Services Updates Release

All free updates for software, and services released under the Cibigi™ subscription license, during this subscription is available to Vendor for free.


4. Subscription Pause and Deactivation

Keep your Cibigi subscription active to keep the Cibigi services your business uses up to date, active, secure, and stable. By ensuring your payment info is always up to date and paying your Cibigi bill/subscription on time. To avoid service interruptions & reactivation fees.


5. Cibigi | Ads – A Paid (Add-on Service)

Cibigi Ads will empower your retail business to advertise the items, foods, and or services you or your business offer to potential customers. While potential customers are using the internet on computers, tablets, and mobile phones in websites and apps for shopping, learning, working, entertainment, and more.

Reach more people with Cibigi Advertising to Drive sales online, Drive foot traffic, Build your brand & more with Cibigi Ads.


6. Ownership of Software

Any Software that we provide to the Vendor are licensed, not sold to Vendor.


7. If we handle Payments with CiBS Pay & Delivery with CiBS Express for you.

Payment & delivery standards time items purchased by customers in Barbados, Vendor may get paid between 2 (two) to 7 (seven) business days. For items purchased by customers in Caribbean countries, vendor may get paid between 7 (seven) to 15(fifteen) working days. For items purchased by customers in international countries, vendor may get paid between 15 (fifteen) to 21 (twenty-one) working days.

CiBS Pay may include transaction fees for each order we handle payments for you.

CiBS Express may include transaction fees for each order we handle delivery for you.


8. Payment to Cibigi services:

Payments made by cheque: Should be made to Cibigi services.
Payments made by cash: Should be given to Vendor’s assigned Vendor’s assistant.
Payments made by debit and credit card: Vendor will receive an invoice by email from Vendor’s assigned Vendor assistant to the email address provided by the Vendor, where vendor can simply click the link in the email and pay.

Example email: [email protected]


9. Modification by Us or Partners:

We or our software partners may modify, update, or discontinue the Services, and Software (including any of their portions or features) at any time without liability to a Vendor or anyone else. However, We will make a reasonable effort to notify you before We make the change. If We discontinue a products / Service in its entirety, then We will provide you with a prorated refund for any unused fees for that Service that you may have prepaid.


10. Please keep a copy of all emails, receipts, contracts, and agreements.

Please keep a copy of all emails, receipts, contracts, and agreements given to you by Cibigi services, to better assist you in the event of any misunderstanding.


11. Research and Development

In the event, that any of our software or technology partners fail to make available, quality technology and software. We will take a reasonable effort to research and recommend alternative software and or technology to ensure the continuation of your business operations.


12. We may make changes to these terms at any time.

These terms and conditions are subject to change. A notification shall be sent via email, notifying of the change. Any modifications will also be posted to Cibigi’s Website and any changes will take effect at the time and date posted on the website and in the email notification.


13. Cibigi Mission

To continue making it more easy, convenient & rewarding for shoppers to easily search, find, buy & receive what they are shopping for.

Re-engineer the retail infrastructure in the Caribbean, to make businesses more attractive & more accessible to consumers.

Provide our clients with the technologies, services, infrastructure, and support to power them for resiliency and growth in this ever-changing age of commerce.


14. Account & Data Deletion

If a Cibigi subscription is Paused/Deactivated for more than 365 Days / 12 months. The account & data associated with the paused subscription will be deleted permanently.


15. Counterpart

This Agreement may be executed via facsimile, email, scan in counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an original and all of which together shall constitute one and the same document.


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