At Cibigi we believe in improving cultures and advancing lives.

About Cibigi services

At Cibigi we believe in improving cultures and advancing lives.

In everything, we undertake! We focus on improving people's opportunities and abilities.

Cibigi® is a fully managed Internet Retail Infrastructure™ and Commerce Technology Company.

Cibigi® was founded on the 21st of November 2016.

Cibigi - specializes in internet retail Infrastructure™, commerce technology development, and business and consumer services.

Which, includes the development and providing individuals and businesses with Cibigi technology, infrastructure, and support for resilience & growth, in this ever-changing age of commerce.

Cibigi's Mission

To continue making it more Easy, Convenient & Rewarding for shoppers to easily search, find, buy & receive what they are shopping for.

To re-engineer the retail infrastructure in the Caribbean, by making businesses in the Caribbean more attractive & more accessible.

To provide our clients with the technologies, services, infrastructure, and support to empower them to be more resilient in this ever-changing age of commerce.

Why Cibigi?

At Cibigi we believe in improving people’s opportunities and abilities for a more sustainable future.

We do this by creating and providing technologies that improve cultures and advance lives.

What is Cibigi Services Company?

Cibigi Services is an eCommerce, Internet Retail Infrastructure & Technology Development Company. That focuses on making it Easy, Convenient & Rewarding for shoppers.

What do Cibigi services do?

Cibigi services eCommerce, Internet Retail Infrastructure & Technology empowers individuals and businesses. By making the items, products, foods, and or services they offer, more accessible and attractive to drive growth in more ways.

The goal is to make shopping Easy, Convenient & Rewarding for people, by re-engineering the retail infrastructure in St Lucia and the Caribbean with revolutionary Selling and Showcasing Technologies™.

Why do you need Cibigi services for your business?

Over 79% of people use the internet every day, to shop online, browse, connect with friends, and conduct business.

This is an amazing opportunity for your business to get seen online and to help generate more awareness of your business and drive more sales.

In addition to helping generate more awareness and facilitating easy online sales, Cibigi offers many more technologies and infrastructures to grow your business using the internet.

Try, Cibigi offers many amazing services that make it very easy and convenient for you to actually get your items, products, foods, and or services online with Cibigi and get customers.

Cibigi ®️ Selling and Showcasing Technologies™️ makes the items, products, foods, and or services your business offers more accessible and attractive to people using the internet every day.

Cibigi® Customer Support

Our support team will always be there to assist you or your business with everything and communicate with your business in whatever way works for you or your team.

Cibigi makes it very easy to take your business online or start a new business online properly.

If you need help with anything:

* You can call: 1 758-518-8065 or Email: [email protected]


Address: Mongiraud St,

City: Castries

Country: Saint Lucia

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+1 758-518-8065

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