Cibigi for Shopping Malls

Powering Shopping Malls for Modern Growth Online & Indoor!

with Cibigi Commerce

Here we explain more about our Cibigi for Shopping Mall product and how Cibigi services can help your mall grow online, and indoors.


Cibigi for Shopping Mall can provide your shopping mall with the technology, infrastructure, and support to become fully accessible and attractive for resiliency and growth, in this ever-changing age of commerce.


Power your mall with Cibigi for Shopping Mall to be fully accessible and attractive for modern growth online, in-doors, & more.

We Handle Everything to modernize your shopping mall operations and brand for online & indoor growth.


We mean everything!


We do 100% of the work to truly & fully digitize your shopping mall effectively for more growth in-store and indoors. From start to finish, Plus 24/7 support, training, ongoing maintenance, and optimization for growth and peace of mind!


Cibigi for Shopping Mall is covered under Cibigi 24/7 Free Tech Support & Management.


Grow with Cibigi for Shopping Mall - Online Growth, Order Delivery, Smart Advertising, In-Door Growth, and lots more.


Only with Cibigi


Learn about pricing: Cibigi for Shopping Mall pricing is billed monthly or yearly + a one-time setup fee, setup fee can be paid in two installments.


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