Why is it that local and international retailers sell the same items, but Caribbean shoppers spend most of their money online at international retailers in the US and China? In this article, you will learn the main seven reasons that came across during Cibigi’s research.

This article is about something other than how bad the local retail economy is doing or how local retailers are losing. Rather, it is about how most local retailers are not even 1% customer-centric because they do not utilize technology, infrastructure, services, and more the right way or not at all. This prevents them from serving the busy hardworking people of the Caribbean, who just want to live a modern customer-centric life with their hard-earned money.


Learn the Main Seven Reasons!


1. When Was the Last Time You Shopped Locally?

Main Answer: “I don’t remember the last time I shopped locally; I mainly buy food, pay bills, and transportation locally, that’s all I think.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: The disconnect between local shoppers and local retailers/sellers is real. But it can be rebuilt with Cibigi. The key is understanding why this disconnect exists and addressing it through strategic improvements in customer experience and convenience.

2. Why Don’t You Shop Locally?

Main Answer: “Where do I find what I want and why would I waste my time walking around looking for something I’m not sure exists? There’s no information for things online locally. I will just do a search on my phone, place my order, and get it delivered to me.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: As an employer, consider that your staff has one hour for lunch. Based on their working hours, most stores are closed when they head to work in the morning and closed when they return in the afternoon. Retailer, I hope you understand what your customers are saying here. It means convenience and what we at Cibigi call “Serve First To Sell After” is what’s at play here.

Solution with Cibigi: It’s like “First Come First Serve,” but now reversed for Caribbean retailers: “Serve First To Sell After.” This means retailers should serve their content/product details online so local consumers can easily find, buy, and receive what they are shopping for effortlessly. All of this can be done with Cibigi.

3. What Do You Think About Local Retail Online Presence?

Main Answer: “Do local retailers even have an online presence? It is very hard to find things from them. Starting with their online stores/websites, some look incomplete, and the checkout doesn’t work properly. I feel very unsafe when I try to buy online locally, and I’m not sure if I will get my order delivered to me.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: Work on your local online presence. Study it, do it yourself, or hire Cibigi to fully do it, and manage it for you. Ensuring your online store is user-friendly, secure, and reliable can significantly enhance consumer trust and encourage more local shopping.

4. How Do You Feel About the Quality and Variety of Products Available Locally?

Main Answer: “I wish I could find more quality and variety in local stores. It feels like online stores offer so many more options, both in terms of quality and selection.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: Local consumers are eager to support you but need better quality and variety. Consider diversifying your inventory and enhancing the quality of your offerings to meet these expectations. Connect with suppliers and improve your product range to attract more local shoppers.

5. Are You Satisfied with the Customer Service Experience at Local Stores?

Main Answer: “I really want to enjoy shopping locally, but the customer service often falls short. It would be great if the staff were more helpful and knowledgeable.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: Excellent customer service can make a big difference. Investing in staff training and improving customer interactions can significantly enhance the shopping experience for local consumers. Cibigi can help you find training programs to help your staff provide the best possible service.

6. What Would Make You Consider Shopping Locally More Often?

Main Answer: “If local stores had competitive prices, detailed product information online, and convenient delivery options, I’d definitely shop locally more often. It just needs to be as convenient as online shopping.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: Consumers want convenience and transparency. Providing detailed product information online, offering competitive pricing, and ensuring efficient delivery services can attract more local shoppers. Cibigi’s platforms makes it easy to list your products online and manage orders efficiently.

7. How Important Is It for You to Support Local Businesses, and Why?

Main Answer: “I really want to support local businesses because it helps our economy, but the convenience and reliability of online shopping often win out. I wish local stores could match that convenience.”

Cibigi Note to Retailers: Consumers value supporting their local community but need convenience. By understanding and addressing these needs, local retailers can create a more compelling shopping experience that encourages consumers to shop locally. Cibigi can assist you in creating a seamless online shopping experience to meet these demands.

The Competitive Edge of International Retailers

The competition for Caribbean consumers is fierce, with both local and international retailers vying for their attention and loyalty. Local retailers offer the advantage of cultural familiarity, tailored products, and the personal touch that resonates deeply with Caribbean customers. However, international retailers often have the upper hand due to their extensive resources, broader product range, and advanced e-commerce platforms that provide greater convenience and accessibility.

International retailers like Amazon and many others invest heavily in technology and logistics, making shopping seamless and efficient for Caribbean consumers. They offer detailed product information, user reviews, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery services—features that local retailers often struggle to match.

How Local Retailers Can Compete

1. Embrace E-commerce and Technology: Local retailers need to invest in robust e-commerce platforms that are easy to navigate, secure, and efficient. Partnering with Cibigi can help in setting up a professional online presence that attracts and retains customers.

2. Improve Inventory and Product Variety: Expanding product ranges and ensuring high-quality offerings can attract more local shoppers. Using data analytics to understand consumer preferences can help in stocking the right products.

3. Enhance Customer Service: Training staff to provide excellent customer service can significantly improve the shopping experience. Cibigi can help you find training programs to help your staff provide the best possible service.

4. Offer Competitive Pricing: Keeping prices competitive is crucial. Local retailers can leverage Cibigi’s resources to negotiate better deals with suppliers and reduce operational costs.

5. Ensure Convenience: Providing detailed product information online, efficient delivery services and hassle-free returns can match the convenience offered by international retailers.

Cibigi as a Solution

Cibigi offers a comprehensive solution to help local retailers thrive in the competitive market:

  • Cibigi Showcase: The Cibigi online store/website can help you truly start, grow, and scale your accessibility and online sales effectively. Cibigi Showcase makes what you or your business offers fully accessible and attractive for modern growth and sales online, in-store, and more.
  • Cibigi Plans: Choose from various plans tailored to your needs, from starting small to scaling up for extensive growth. Each plan offers features like free domain, secure online payment, easy inventory management, and 24/7 support.
  • Cibigi Advertising: Drive more traffic and increase your sales with Cibigi’s targeted advertising services. Reach more customers and build your brand effectively.
  • Cibigi Support: Enjoy peace of mind with Cibigi’s 24/7 support and ongoing optimization. Free technical management, proactive monitoring, and ongoing feature updates ensure your business runs smoothly.

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The battle for the Caribbean consumer market is intense, with local and international retailers each having their unique advantages. While international retailers often win due to their convenience and extensive resources, local retailers have the potential to compete effectively by embracing technology, improving customer service, and offering better product variety and quality.

Cibigi is here to help local retailers bridge the gap and create a customer-centric easy, convenient, and rewarding shopping experience that meets modern demands. By leveraging Cibigi’s services, local retailers can enhance their online presence, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately capture a larger share of the Caribbean consumer market.


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