Dated: Nov, 6, 2020


I am Sontouch Valcin – Founder and CEO at Cibigi services inc.

I’m glad you are reading this letter.


Cibigi services inc. is looking to raise funds to improve Cibigi operations and increase revenue.

At Cibigi we believe in improving cultures and advancing lives.

Cibigi® services is an Internet Retail Infrastructure™ and Commerce Technology Company.

Cibigi® was founded on the 21st of November 2016.

Cibigi services – specializes in internet retail Infrastructure™ and commerce technology development.

Which, includes the development and providing individuals and businesses with Cibigi technologies, infrastructure, and support. To empower them to be resilient & grow, in this ever-changing age of commerce.


Cibigi offers a wide range of technologies and services to build a reliable and strong online presence to grow and scale micro, small, medium, & large businesses.

Cibigi services website:

Cibigi shopping website:

Cibigi for Selling, Cibigi for Retail, Cibigi Showcase, Cibigi Advertising, CiBS Express, CiBS Incentive, Cibigi Shopping, and lots more Cibigi services.


Some Businesses using Cibigi services:

1. Valcyn Ltd. –

2. INGCO Tools St Lucia at

3. Just Leathers –

Cibigi Internet Retail Infrastructure and technology encourage modern growth, resiliency, and sustainability for the retail sector in Saint Lucia and across the Caribbean.

Based on our research, experience, and strategic position in the retail industry. We can confidently say local businesses of all types and sizes will benefit greatly, from Cibigi services.


Cibigi Takes on the COVID-19

Because Cibigi opened to the public just before the Covid-19 curfew and lockdown. We had to figure out a way to get the Cibigi brand out there while playing our part in helping to fight the spread of Covid-19.

As luck would have it, we found the locally made new hand and surface sanitizer called Alcosan which was coming to market.

We decided to market and sell the Alcosan hand and surface sanitizer on Cibigi, to help ease the corona-induced shortage of sanitizers and play our part to help fight the spread of Coivd-19. Marketing and selling hand and surface sanitizer on Cibigi, helped us get the Cibigi brand out there and still help fight the spread of Coivd-19.

Alcosan on Cibigi shopping website:

We sold and delivered hundreds of Alcosan to many individuals, and businesses.

We have customers returning to purchase Alcosan and they are also buying other items available on Cibigi.

So, we can say marketing and selling hand and surface sanitizer on turned out to be a great idea.


Cibigi after the 1st Covid-19 Curfew & Lockdown.

After the first Covid-19 Curfew & Lockdown was lifted, Cibigi launched several marketing campaigns to showcase our vendors’ products and drive sales.

From these marketing campaigns, we have sold and delivered many items for our vendors to customers all over St Lucia.


Funding for Cibigi services:

We are looking to raise $150,000.00 for 10% of Cibigi services inc. The money will be used to improve various parts of Cibigi operations and Cibigi Internet Retail infrastructure.

These critical improvements will allow Cibigi to improve operations & distribution. These improvements will result in revenue increases across all Cibigi services.

Cibigi services make businesses and what they sell, more accessible & more attractive to drive more sales.


Cibigi offers a wide range of technologies and services to build a reliable and strong online presence to grow and scale businesses.


Thanks for reading this letter.

Sontouch Valcin, Founder, and CEO

Company: Cibigi services
Address: Mongiraud St,
City: Castries
Country: Saint Lucia

 +1 758-518-8065

 +1 758-518-8065

[email protected]

Cibigi services website:


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